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Manipulate a number of Rd files.


Rd_combo(rd, f, ..., .MORE)



names of Rd files, a character vector.


function to apply, see Details.


further arguments to pass on to f.


another function to be applied for each file to the result of f.


Rd_combo parses each file in rd, applies f to the Rd object, and applies the function .MORE (if supplied) on the results of f.

A typical value for .MORE is reprompt or another function that saves the resulting Rd object.

todo: Rd_combo is already useful but needs further work.


if (FALSE) {
rdnames <- dir(path = "./man", pattern=".*[.]Rd$", full.names=TRUE)

## which Rd files don't have a value section?
counts <- unlist(Rd_combo(rdnames, function(x) length(Rdo_locate_core_section(x, "\value"))))
rdnames[counts == 0]

## reprompt all files
Rd_combo(rdnames, reprompt)
for(nam in rdnames) try(reprompt(nam))
for(nam in rdnames) try(reprompt(nam, sec_copy=FALSE))