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Combine Rd fragments and strings into one object.


list_Rd(..., Rd_tag = NULL, Rd_class = FALSE)



named list of objects to combine, see `Details'.


if non-null, a value for the Rd_tag of the result.


logical; if TRUE, the result will be of class "Rd".


The names of named arguments specify tags for the corresponding elements (not arbitrary tags, ones that are converted to macro names by prepending backslash to them). This is a convenient way to specify sections, items, etc, in cases when the arguments have not being tagged by previous processing. Character string arguments are converted to the appropriate Rd pieces.

Argument ... may contain a mixture of character vactors and Rd pieces.


an Rd object or list with Rd_tag attribute, as specified by the arguments.


Georgi N. Boshnakov

See also


## see also the examples for c_Rd

dummyfun <- function(x, ...) x

u1 <- list_Rd(name = "Dummyname", alias = "dummyfun",
              title = "Dummy title", description = "Dummy description",
              usage = "dummyfun(x)",
              value = "numeric vector",
              author = "A. Author",
              Rd_class=TRUE )

# call reprompt to fill the arguments section (and correct the usage)
fn <- tempfile("dummyfun", fileext = "Rd")
reprompt(dummyfun, filename = fn)
#> Rd source not supplied, looking for installed documentation.
#> Rd source not supplied and installed documentation not found.
#> Trying a 'prompt' function to generate documentation for the object.
#> Error in reprompt(dummyfun, filename = fn): unsuccessful attempt to create Rd doc. using a 'prompt' function.

# check that the result can be parsed and show it.
#> Warning: cannot open file '/tmp/RtmpAbqnOr/dummyfun18a93dff9932Rd': No such file or directory
#> Error in file(con, "r"): cannot open the connection