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For an Rd object imported from a file, this function ensures that fragments that were not not changed during the editing of the object remain unchanged in the exported file. This function is used by reprompt() to ensure exactly that.


rdo_text_restore(cur, orig, pos_list, file)



an Rd object


an Rd object


a list of srcref objects specifying portions of files to replace, see 'Details'.


a file name, essentially a text representation of cur.


This is essentially internal function. It exists because, in general, it is not possible to restore the original Rd file from the Rd object due to the specifications of the Rd format. The file exported from the parsed Rd file is functionally equivalent to the original but equivalent things for the computer are not necessarily equally pleasant for humans.

This function is used by reprompt when the source is from a file and the option to keep the source of unchanged sections as in the original.

todo: needs clean up, there are unnecessary arguments in particular.


the main result is the side effect of replacing sections in

file not changed by reprompt with the original ones.


Georgi N. Boshnakov

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