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Displays a table of plot characters and symbols.


symbolTable(font = par('font'), cex = 0.7)



a numeric value, determines the character size, the default size is 0.7.


an integer value, the number of the font, by default font number 1.


displays a table with the plot characters and symbols numbered from 0 to 255 and returns invisibly the name of the font.


Symbols with codes on the range 128-255 are not legitimate in some locales, most notably UTF-8. Moreover, what happens with non-ASCII characters in plots is system dependent and depends on the graphics device, as well. Use of such characters is not recommended for portable code.

From version 4031.95 of package fBasics, the characters are always defined as Latin1. In particular, in UTF8 locales the system converts them internally to UTF8. Still some symbols are not usable and non-ASCII symbols are not recommended, as pointed out above. For details, see the help page of points(), in particular the discussion of its argument pch.

See also

characterTable, colorTable

pdf for discussion of encodings for the pdf device


# symbolTable()