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Set up a custom style for references in help pages.


Rdpack_bibstyles(package, authors)



the name of a package, a character string.


if equal to "LongNames", use full names of authors in reference lists, see Details.


This is the initial implementation of support for styles for lists of bibliography references.

Currently setting authors to "LongNames" will cause the references to appear with full names, eg John Smith rather than in the default Smith J style.

Package authors can request this feature by adding the following line to their .onLoad function (if their package has one):

    Rdpack::Rdpack_bibstyles(package = pkg, authors = "LongNames")

of just copy the following definition in a package that does not have .onLoad :

    .onLoad <- function(lib, pkg){
        Rdpack::Rdpack_bibstyles(package = pkg, authors = "LongNames")

After building and installing the package the references should be using long names.


in .onLoad(), the function is used purely to set up a bibstyle as discussed in Details.

Internally, Rdpack uses it to extract styles set up by packages:

- if called with argument package only, the style requested by that package;

- if called with no arguments, a list of all styles.


Georgi N. Boshnakov