lagged 0.3-1 Unreleased

  • improved handling of "[[" for Lagged2d objects.

  • for Lagged2d objects, added “[” methods for character i.

lagged 0.3-0 (CRAN) 2019-05-27

  • update the vignette.

lagged 0.2-2 Unreleased

  • added the missing show() method for Lagged2d objects.

  • added [[ method for slMatrix objects.

  • new as() method to convert matrix to slMatrix.

  • the initialisation method for FlexibleLagged now matches argument data only if it is named, i.e. when explicitly supplied. This puts it in line with the default initialisation methods and, in particular, makes it easier to initialise subclasses of FlexibleLagged.

  • set a prototype, new("Lagged1d"), for the data slot of FlexibleLagged. The default prototype was giving invalid objects in some cases, e.g. new("FlexibleLagged").

  • added "maxLag<-" method for FlexibleLagged objects.

  • the “[[” and “[” methods for FlexibleLagged were not completely in line with the other Lagged classes (and the documentation) for index of length one.

  • for “Lagged2d” objects indexing with two indices is now defined and works naturally in a matrix-like way: the first index, i, takes values in 1:d, where d is the number of seasons and the second index, j, in 0:maxlag. As for matrices, an empty index designates the whole range in the corresponding extent.

lagged 0.2-1 2019-04-05

  • Bug-fix: nSeasons() and nSeasons<-()are now exported.

  • new functions sl2acfbase(), acfbase2sl() and sl2vecacf() for converting between (multivariate) autocovariances returned by stats::acf() and season-lag representation. (These functions were formerly in package pcts.)

  • The title of the vignette and the keywords were wrong.

  • added the pkgdown site to DESCRIPTION.

lagged 0.2-0 (CRAN) 2018-08-20

  • New generics nSeasons() and nSeasons<-() (moved here from package sarima).

  • New slMatrix function and class (moved from package pcts).

  • Numerous changes to the documentation.

lagged 0.1-2 Unreleased

  • Lagged classes now have methods for “Maths” group generic.

  • Lagged classes now have methods for “Summary” group generic.

  • Lagged classes now have methods for “Ops” unary operators (binary Ops were already available).

  • New vignette Guide_lagged (first draft).

  • New function maxLag<-() with methods for Lagged objects.

lagged 0.1-1 (CRAN) 2017-10-15

lagged 0.1-0 (CRAN) 2017-05-21

  • First CRAN version (taken out of package sarima).