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Simulate real and complex numbers from distributions of their magnitude and arguments. Optionally, the magnitudes and/or arguments may be fixed in almost arbitrary ways. Plot density and distribution functions with automatic selection of suitable regions. Small programming utilities: check if an object is identical to NA, count positional arguments in a call, set intersection of more than two sets, check if an argument is unnamed, compute the graph of S4 classes in packages.

The latest stable version is on CRAN.


You can install the development version of gbutils from Github:



Package gbutils is a collection of (mostly small) functions used interactively or in packages.

Numeric computations


  • plotpdf() - Plot functions with automatic determination of the “interesting” region (typically probability density and distribution functions)

S4 classes

Programming utilities


  • mintersect() - Set intersection of arbitrary number of arguments.

  • myouter() - Outer product using a non-vectorised function.

  • raw_history() Get the command history in a character vector.