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  • new function rpoly() creates polynomials with real coefficients from their zeroes (roots) given in Cartesian or polar form.

  • minor edits of the documentation of adjacencyOfClasses().

gbutils 0.4-0 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2018-10-05

gbutils 0.3-1

  • deal with a NOTE on CRAN.

  • new function pseudoInverse() (moved here from package mixAR).

  • new examples for converting results of adjacencyOfClasses() to graph objects and plotting them.

gbutils 0.2-4 - 0.3.0 (CRAN)

  • new function adjacencyOfClasses() gives the graph of the classes defined in one or more packages in several ways. It can also give a Wolfram language expression which can be evaluated in Mathematica, see the help page for details and examples.

  • use Rd macro \printExample from package Rdpack for some examples in details section (see adjacencyOfClasses()).

gbutils 0.2-3

  • created README.*.
  • added website created with ‘pkgdown’.
  • added github URL to DESCRIPTION.

gbutils 0.2-2

  • corrected a couple of typo’s in the vignette.

gbutils 0.2-1 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2017-10-05

  • New function missing_arg() returns TRUE if an element of a pairlist is missing.

  • New function plotpdf() plots probability density and related functions over automatically selected intervals (based on cdf of qf).

  • New function cdf2quantile() numerically computes quantiles of a given cdf. This is mainly for use by plotpdf().

  • A vignette illustrates plotpdf().

gbutils 0.2-0 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2016-01-08

  • First CRAN version