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rbibutils 2.2.8 (CRAN)

  • new argument fbibentry for readBib and readBibentry for specification of a function for generation of bib objects. It should have the same arguments as the default utils::bibentry() but doesn’t need to be vectorised, since readBibentry() generates one bibentry call for each reference.

  • readBib now parses correctly LaTeX accents like \a'o. These are officially defined only for LaTeX’s tabbing environment as replacements for \'o, etc., but seem accepted by LaTeX outside these environments. Also, Bibtex converts them to the standard ones when writing .bbl files and R’s bib processing functions know about them.

  • a bug in ads export was causing a test to fail on platforms with char equivalent to unsigned char. Reported by @nileshpatra, who also identified the cause. Fixes issue#8 on github.

rbibutils 2.2.7 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2021-12-07

  • fixed bug in isi output occuring in v2.2.5 and 2.2.6 and revealed by gss/ASAN check.

rbibutils 2.2.6

  • fixed memory leaks in nbib output in biblatex input occuring in v2.2.5.

rbibutils 2.2.5 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2021-12-04

  • readBibentry with extra = TRUE now parses (almost) any syntactically correct bib entries. In particular, it accepts arbitrary bib types and doesn’t throw errors for bibentries missing fields required by bibtex for the standard bibtex types. For example, biblatex entries typically have date, not year.

  • readBib with direct = TRUE and texChars set to "convert" or "export" was not processing mathematical expressions properly. Now fixed.

  • argument texChars of readBib gets new possible value, “Rdpack”. This is like the default, “keep”, but in addition it converts \'i' to'`. This is related to issue #7, see below the fix in v2.2.4 for details. This is mainly for internal use.

  • improved the messages from error handling when creating bibentry objects. The fix is in readBibentry but users typically see them when calling readBib.

  • fixed an error which caused bibConvert to segfault when importing nbib files.

  • readBibentry (and hence readBib) were printing some error messages that were actually handled.

rbibutils 2.2.4 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2021-10-11

  • fixed the handling of accents over i in authors’ names when the LaTeX escapes are not converted to real characters (there were no problems when converted to UTF-8). Reported by Manuel López-Ibáñez with examples (issue #5, #6, #7).

    • \i in authors’ names was messing up the following character (issue#5).

    • stopped converting \'\i' to \'i. They are equivalent but there is no reason to do this. Also, at the time of writing R’s tools::latexToUtf8 converts the former but not the latter, while Biber seems to convert the latter but not the former, see . So, users of the bib file may have specific reasons to use one or the other.

rbibutils 2.2.3 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2021-08-09

  • fixed memory issues from valgrind in v2.2.2 thanks to patch supplied by Bill Dunlap.

rbibutils 2.2.2 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2021-07-31

  • import of Pubmed XML was sometimes giving a handful of references for files with tens or hundreds of them. Now fixed, see issue #4, reported by Rafael Santamaría. (The function reading the file was implicitly assuming that the end of each reference is on a line by itself and was silently ignoring text on the same line after the end of reference tag. Reference files from online databases often have no new lines at all, except for the XML header.)

rbibutils 2.2.1 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2021-06-17

  • fixed problems revealed by valgrind.

rbibutils 2.2 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2021-06-10

  • new convenience function charToBib takes input from a character vector rather than a file. By default it assumes that the input is in bibtex format and dispatches to readBib. If an input format is specified it calls bibConvert.

  • new S3 class bibentryExtra, inheriting from bibentry, provides support for non-standard types (potentially arbitrary) of bibtex entries. Suitable methods are defined for printing, converting and manipulating (e.g., subsetting and assignment) bibentryExtra objects. The initial implementation is incomplete and under development.

  • readBib() gets a new argument extra. If it is set to TRUE and non-standard types of entries are encountered in the input bibtex file, then the class of the result is set to bibentryExtra. See also the note about bibentryExtra.

  • readBib gets new argument, macros, for specification of file(s) containing Bibtex macros (such as abbreviations for names of journals). These files are read in before file(s) specified by file.

  • readBib with direct = TRUE now accepts non-syntactic field names, e.g. containing -. (This is irrelevant when direct = FALSE since in that case nonstandard fields are ignored and standard fields do not contain unusual characters.)

  • internal structures for bibtex macros, such as @string were not cleared at the end of calls and were accumulating from multiple invocations of conversions from bibtex and biblatex. Now fixed.

  • now references with missing cite keys in bibtex input are accepted (previously such references were dropped). Dummy cite keys are inserted.

  • now @preamble entry in bibtex is ignored silently. Previously it was also dropped but with a message about unrecognised type, which was confusing.

  • export arXiv:XXX and similar as https (some were still exported as http). Fixes GeoBosh/Rdpack#21, reported by Kisung You.

  • unsuported conversions for some formats were accepted with unpredictable results. Informative messages are printed now.

  • improved handling of byte order marks (BOM) for utf8 output. This was causing problems to tests of this package on Windows since on Linux BOMs are not emitted (I haven’t figured what causes the difference - the code is not OS dependent).

  • improved handling of corner cases in bibtex input, especially for readBib with direct = TRUE.

rbibutils 2.1.1 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2021-04-28

  • now a warning (rather than error) is issued if package ‘testthat’ is not available for tests.

  • readBib now has a default for the encoding, so it would usually be called just with one argument (the filename).

rbibutils 2.1 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2021-04-06

  • readBib can now convert bibtex files directly (i.e., without first converting to XML intermediate) to bibentry R objects. This can be requested by setting the new argument direct to TRUE.

  • readBib gets argument texChars to control whether or not to convert TeX sequences representing characters (such as accented Latin characters) to normal characters in the output encoding. There is an option also to convert charaters to the corresponding TeX sequences.

  • readBib now accepts encodings as for bibConvert.

  • readBib now processes field key in bibtex files. (This field is optional, used by some bibtex styles for sorting.)

  • bug fixes and improvements.

  • removed field LazyData from DESCRIPTION as there is no data directory (and R-devel now flags it with a NOTE).

rbibutils 2.0 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2020-11-18

  • there is no longer (unintended) dependence on R >= 3.4. This was because of the use of R_unif_index. Report and fix due to Henrik Sloot (#1).

  • completely reimplemented the conversion to bibentry - now this is done entirely in C and it now has the same speed as the conversions to other bibliograthy formats.

  • removed xml2 from the imports - it is no longer needed now that the conversion to bibentry is done in C.

  • new functions readBibentry and writeBibentry for reading from and writing bibentries to R source files.

  • now errors when reading bibentry files are turned into warnings with suitable messages.

rbibutils 1.4 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2020-11-06

  • new function writeBib for writing bibtex files.

  • fixed erroneous processing of PhD thesis bib entries with some values of field type. (reported by Kisung You for GeoBosh/Rdpack#17)

  • fixed a compiler warning about a pointer differing in signedness from the expected type (reported by Patrice Kiener).

  • somehow went missing in v1.3, now reinstated.

rbibutils 1.3 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2020-10-05

  • reverted a change in v1.2 which caused trouble with some latex characters.

  • trimmed white space in cite keys and some others to avoid getting cite keys containing the newline character (possible if the comma after the key is on a new line).

  • new function readBib for importing bibtex files.

rbibutils 1.2.1

  • improved processing of URL field when converting to bibentry.

rbibutils 1.2

  • fixed inBook processing.

  • fixed encoding bug introduced in v1.1.

  • fixed misterous loss of $s and curly braces in certain circumstances.

rbibutils 1.1.0 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2020-09-27

  • fixed processing of multiple person names in bibtex import.

  • mathematical formulas were wrongly exported without dollars in some cases.

  • stopped printing some messages causing problems to Rdpack.

rbibutils 1.0.3 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2020-07-20

  • fixed warnings from clang compilers on CRAN. (These were about tautology if clauses in src/adsout.c and default argument promotion of the second argument in a couple of invocations of va_start in src/modsout.c).

  • fixed typo’s in the documentation.

  • updated the website.

rbibutils 1.0.2 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2020-07-18

  • completed the copyright credits in DESCRIPTION (there were contributors not mentioned anywhere except in the C source files they contributed).

rbibutils 1.0.1

  • clarified the copyright holders in DESCRIPTION.

rbibutils 1.0.0

Features of this version:

  • includes an R port of bibutils libraries (currently bibutils_6.10).

  • supports all character encodings available in bibutils (defaults are UTF-8).

  • supports all input/output bibliography formats available in bibutils, including Bibtex, Biblatex, and XML mods intermediate.

  • in addition, supports conversions of the above formats from/to bibentry R source files or rds objects.